IncrediPAWS Dog Training Instructors

Susan Crank of IncrediPAWS competing in Europe

Susan Crank has been involved in dog training for over 30 years. She started in obedience with collies, earning many titles and teaching obedience classes. In 1993 she became involved in agility and has been a top competitor, earning 7 ADCH's and 50 MACH's on multiple dogs, including shelties, Border Collies and Golden Retrievers. In May of 2015 she won a spot on both AKC European Open team competing in Germany and the AKC World Championship team competing in Italy. Susan has been training director for two training centers and co-owner of Wild Weavers Agility. She was responsible for curriculum development, lesson planning, instructor development and class organization. She currently is the business manager and instructor for IncrediPAWS Dog Training in Columbus, Ohio owned by her daughter, Jenn Crank. IncrediPAWS uses the Awesome Paws Handling System as a basis for training and instruction. Contact Susan at susan [dot] crank [at] incredipaws [dot] com .

Abbey of IncrediPAWS Dog Training and her dogs in Columbus, Ohio

Abbey Beasley began agility training with her sheltie, Lucky, in 2001 at 8 years old, and began training with Jennifer Crank soon after. She has trained and shown multiple dogs and currently runs her two shelties and a Border Collie: Uno, Dreamer and Midas. Abbey attended her first Nationals in 2009 as well as her first AKC World Team Tryouts with her sheltie, Brutus. She has attended and placed in multiple national events since, including winning the 2014 US Open Final and placing 2nd at AKC Nationals in 2014. Most recently, she and Dreamer have made the 2015 WAO, IFCS and AKC World Teams and have competed in Italy and the Netherlands. Contact Abbey at abbey [dot] beasley [at] incredipaws [dot] com .

Shane Gant and Beau of IncrediPAWS Dog Training in Columbus, Ohio

An avid dog lover, Shane Gant was fortunate to find Jenn Crank after the addition of Beau Beau, a Standard Poodle, to his family. Shane enjoyed training dogs and had taught Beau many tricks, but he wanted to maximize her potential by learning the sport of agility. After taking group classes, private training, and numerous seminars with Jenn and Susan Crank, he and Beau have since earned their MACH. Shane has also added to his family a sheltie, Sweets, who has also earned a MACH, and two Border Collies, Atom and Driver. Shane and his dogs have competed in both regional and national agility events. He continues to stay current with training and handling methods. Besides regular privates with Jenn, he has studied under some of the top agility handlers in the US, including Linda Mecklenburg. As an instructor at IncrediPAWS, Shane is happy to share his knowledge with those who have a desire to compete, or who simply want to have fun with their dogs. Contact Shane at shane [dot] gant [at] incredipaws [dot] com .

Yvonne Mancino and her Doberman Pinscher of Columbus, Ohio

Yvonne Mancino Yvonne has been involved with dogs, dog training and competition since 1973, working with different breeds in multiple performance events & venues. She has been a dog training instructor since 1998 and was a co-founder and lead instructor of an accomplished agility training center through 2010.

Since 1999, Yvonne has competed in 22 National & International Agility Championship events with multiple dogs, earning high placements in individual rounds, and winning the AKC Agility Invitational in 2009 & 2011 with her Doberman Pinscher Flare. Flare is the most accomplished agility Doberman in the history of the breed, winning the prestigious Doberman Top Twenty competition 5 years in a row, as well as being the #1 Doberman Pinscher & the #1 dog in the Working Group in Agility for 5 straight years. In 2015 Yvonne and Flare earned MACH15. Yvonne has also competed in the AKC World Team Tryouts and the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.

Yvonne and her dogs have earned multiple Agility Championship Titles in both AKC and USDAA, as well as multiple Obedience Titles, with dogs from the Working, Herding, Terrier & Hound groups. Contact Yvonne at yvonne [dot] mancino [at] incredipaws [dot] com .

Samantha of IncrediPAWS Dog Training and her Sheltie in the weave
poles at IncrediPAWS in Columbus, Ohio

Samantha Parsons has been an active agility enthusiast for nearly 10 years. She has had the privilege of training with Jenn and Susan Crank by attending numerous classes, private lessons and seminars. Throughout her time training at IncrediPAWS she has been able to compete at regional as well as national events. Through APHS Sam has been able to acquire how handling skills can enable handlers to effectively communicate with their dogs. As an instructor at IncrediPAWS, Sam is eager to share this knowledge with students. In addition to agility, she is also a full time student in Animal Science at The Ohio State University and intends to attend veterinary school in the fall of 2016. Contact Sam at samantha [dot] parsons [at] incredipaws [dot] com .

Elsa Warren of IncrediPAWS Dog Training and her Sheltie running
agility in Columbus, Ohio

Elsa Warren has been training dogs for competition since she was seven years of age. She has trained three Shelties in agility, obedience, rally obedience, therapy work and even scent-based service work. Her first two agility dogs, Khaki and Lucy, have since retired from the sport but only after earning MACHs and competing at AKC Nationals. Her current agility dog is a big, blue Sheltie named Tory. Elsa looks forward to more MACHs, more National Competitions and more chasing Tory's namesake Victory. Contact her at elsa [dot] warren [at] incredipaws [dot] com .

Cindy Warren of IncrediPAWS Dog Training and her Sheltie running
agility in Columbus, Ohio

Cindy Warren has been training dogs since she was just a child, well before agility was a competitive event, as she grew up in an equestrian environment. She has been training formal agility and rally obedience since 1998 when her family brought home a little khaki-colored Sheltie puppy. She spent a few years supporting her two kids as they competed before stepping up to the plate herself. She has since brought home six more Shelties, training each in competitive agility and rally obedience as well as therapy work. Each dog has presented their own set of new and interesting challenges, but Cindy considers her greatest dog training accomplishment to be transforming a timid and often panicked dog into a confident and happy dog who competes in the Excellent/Masters level. Contact her at cindy [dot] warren [at] incredipaws [dot] com .

Betty Vaughn offering massage therapy at IncrediPAWS Dog Training in Columbus, Ohio

Betty Vaughn, licensed massage therapist, provides myofascial release and craniosacral massage therapy at IncrediPAWS on Mondays from 1-4:30PM and 6:15-8:15PM. Betty also teaches yoga at IncrediPAWS; check the class schedule for more information.

Melinda at IncrediPAWS
in Columbus, Ohio

Melanie's bio is coming soon.