Agility Instruction at IncrediPAWS

IncrediPAWSs strives to offer a consistent and progressive agility program. Instructors are familiar with the material and have a genuine interest in the success of their students. Our handling program is based on the skills taught and presented by Linda Mecklenburg in her Awesome Paws book series. There is a strong focus on building a solid foundation to minimize deficiencies in higher levels of training.

  • Group classes meet weekly for one hour over the course of six weeks. A few group classes meet every other week for two hours to accommodate students traveling from a distance; these are noted on the registration form. Instructors vary depending on the session. Group classes require pre-registration; check the calendar for session dates, and view class times on the schedule below.
  • Private agility lessons with agiltiy instructors are customized to meet individual needs, varying in length and frequency. After you book a private lesson, the instructor will discuss your training goals and develop a plan to address them.
  • Semi-private agility lessons offer private instruction to groups of 2-3 handler and dog teams. Students benefit by working and observing, which maximizes learning--ideal for those traveling long distances to train at IncrediPAWS.

To sign up for a group class, schedule a lesson, or book a seminar, contact IncrediPAWS.

Current Class Schedule for January/February

2:30-3:30PM Competition Bronze - Abbey
3:30-4:30PM Level 3 - Abbey & Samantha
4:45-5:45PM Level 4 - Abbey & Samantha
6:00-7:00PM Level 1 - Abbey & Susan
7:15-8:15PM Competition Bronze - Susan Competition Silver - Shane
8:30-9:30PM   Competition Silver - Shane
11:15-12:15 Competition Silver - Jenn  
12:30-1:30PM Competition Gold - Jenn  
5:15-6:15PM Competition Bronze - Abbey  
6:30-7:30PM Competition Silver - Abbey  
7:45-9:15PM (90 min.) Competition Silver - Abbey  
 WEDNESDAY (*2-hour classes meet every other week)
8:30-10:00AM (90 min.) Competition Silver - Jessica  
10:15-11:15AM Competition Bronze - Jessica  
11:30AM-1:30PM* Competition Silver - Jessica  
1:45PM-2:45PM Competition Bronze - Jessica  
4:00-5:00PM Competition Silver - Jenn  
5:15-6:15PM Puppy 2 - Jenn & Jessica  
6:30-8:30PM* Competition Silver - Jenn   
8:30-9:30PM Competition Silver - Jenn   
8:00-9:00AM Competition Silver - Susan   
9:15-10:15AM Competition Silver - Susan   
10:30-11:30AM Level 5 - Susan   
4:45-5:45AM Level 5 - Abbey Level 2 - Samantha   
6:00-7:00PM Competition Bronze - Abbey Level 5 - Samantha
7:15-8:15PM Competition Silver - Abbey Competition Bronze - Elsa
8:30-9:30PM Competition Silver - Abbey Level 4 - Elsa

For session dates, check the IncrediPAWS calendar.


Worked Up! Understand, Assess, & Soothe Arousal in Sport Dogs
Seminar presented by Sarah Stremming of The Cognitive Canine, February 22-23

Sarah Stremming will be at IncrediPAWS in February!

  • Working spots: $325 (limited to 10). If interest exceeds ten working spots, a lottery will be conducted to select participants.
  • Auditing spots: $150 both days (limited to 20).
  • One-day auditing available at $75. Please note: One-day auditing is available Friday only (but not Saturday only).
  • Lunch will be provided.

Download the flyer and registration form for Worked Up!

Online Learning

Awesome Paws Agility Academy (APAA) is a joint venture of Linda Mecklenburg and Jennifer Crank. The Academy offers instruction through several online modalities, including group classes and self-study. Visit the APAA website.

Current courses available through APAA include Advanced Jumping Skills and Course Analysis. Register through the APAA store.