Agility Instruction at IncrediPAWS

IncrediPAWSs strives to offer a consistent and progressive agility program. Instructors are familiar with the material and have a genuine interest in the success of their students. Our handling program is based on the skills taught and presented by Linda Mecklenburg in her Awesome Paws book series. There is a strong focus on building a solid foundation to minimize deficiencies in higher levels of training.

  • Group classes meet weekly for one hour over the course of six weeks. A few group classes meet every other week for two hours to accommodate students traveling from a distance; these are noted on the registration form. Instructors vary depending on the session. Group classes require pre-registration; check the calendar for session dates, and view class times on the schedule below.
  • Private agility lessons with agiltiy instructors are customized to meet individual needs, varying in length and frequency. After you book a private lesson, the instructor will discuss your training goals and develop a plan to address them.
  • Semi-private agility lessons offer private instruction to groups of 2-3 handler and dog teams. Students benefit by working and observing, which maximizes learning--ideal for those traveling long distances to train at IncrediPAWS.

To sign up for a group class, schedule a lesson, or book a seminar, contact IncrediPAWS.

Current Class Schedule

3:30-4:30PM Level 1 - Jessica & Sam
4:45-5:45PM Level 3 - Jessica & Sam
6:00-7:00PM Focused Agility - Jessica
7:15-8:15PM Competition Bronze - Susan Competition Silver - Shane
8:30-9:30PM Puppy 1 - Susan Competition Silver - Shane
11:15-12:15 Competition Silver - Jenn  
12:30-1:30PM Competition Gold - Jenn  
5:15-6:15PM Competition Bronze - Abbey  
6:30-7:30PM Competition Silver - Abbey  
7:45-9:15PM (90 min.) Competition Silver - Abbey  
 WEDNESDAY (*2-hour classes meet every other week)
8:30-10:00AM (90 min.) Competition Silver - Jessica  
10:00-11:00AM Competition Bronze - Jessica  
11:30AM-1:30PM* Competition Silver - Jessica  
1:45PM-2:45PM Competition Bronze - Abbey Puppy 2 - Jessica
3:00-4:00PM Competition Silver - Abbey  
4:15-5:15PM Competition Silver - Abbey  
5:15-6:15PM Puppy 1 - Jenn  
6:30-8:30PM* Competition Gold - Jenn   
8:30-9:30PM Competition Bronze - Jenn   
8:00-9:00AM Competition Silver - Susan   
9:15-10:15AM Competition Silver - Susan   
10:30-11:30AM Level 5 - Susan   
4:45-5:45AM Puppy 2 - Sam Competition Bronze - Abbey   
6:00-7:00PM Level 5 - Samantha Competition Bronze - Abbey
7:15-8:15PM Competition Silver - Abbey & Elsa
8:30-9:30PM Competition Silver - Abbey Level 2 - Elsa

For session dates, check the IncrediPAWS calendar.

Seminars & Run-Thrus

Jenn Crank and Abbey Beasley will be hosting two, 2-hour workshops on Saturday, December 22nd at IncrediPAWS.

9am-11am: Contacts and Weaves
Handler and dog teams will spend 45 minutes with each instructor working on drills and short sequences that focus on developing independent contacts & weave entry and exit skills. After working with both instructors, students will be walking and running a course that will allow students to test their skills with the added challenge of distance and speed. This workshop will be geared towards teams competing in the Open/Masters level of AKC agility. Dogs need to be consistently weaving 6 poles and performing all three contacts at full height. Cost is $50.

11:30am-1:30pm: Serpentines, 180's, and 270's
Handler and dog teams will spend 45 minutes with each instructor working the skills and handling techniques that are necessary for completing these common course challenges. After working with both instructors, students will be walking and running a full course that brings these common course challenges into the flow of a course. This workshop is intended for teams competing in the Open/Masters level of AKC agility. This seminar is not geared toward premier-style courses. Cost is $50.

Participants can sign up for one or both topics. Please email Abbey @ IncrediPAWS. com if you're interested in signing up.

Back by popular demand! IncrediPAWS will be hosting run-thrus on Saturday, December 22nd from 2-4pm. Signups and the first walk-thru will begin at 1:45pm, with the first dog on the line at 2pm. The last sign up will be taken at 4pm. Other walk-thrus will be done briefly between height changes with a scheduled 8 min walk at approx 3:15pm. There will be a Novice/Open level standard course nested within a Masters level standard course. Handler and dog teams will get 90 seconds on course. A "judge" can be available for your run upon request. Cost is $5/run. Please email Abbey @ IncrediPAWS . com if you have any questions.

Seminar with Sarah Stremming of The Cognitive Canine, February 22-24
Sarah Stremming will be at IncrediPAWS for three days of instruction in February! Details coming soon.

Online Learning

Awesome Paws Agility Academy (APAA) is a joint venture of Linda Mecklenburg and Jennifer Crank. The Academy offers instruction through several online modalities, including group classes and self-study. Visit the APAA website.

Current courses available through APAA include Advanced Jumping Skills and Course Analysis. Register through the APAA store.