1. Do you offer obedience or puppy manners classes? How about daycare or boarding? At this time we only offer agility classes.
  2. Is my breed (or mixed-breed) accepted at your facility? Of course! We accept all breeds and mixed-breeds here at IncrediPAWS!
  3. Do you allow prong collars/e-collars in your classes? We are a force-free facility and do not allow the use of prong collars, choke chains or e-collars.
  4. What does my dog need to know before starting an agility class at your facility? Your dog should be able to work in the presence of other dogs and people. It’s helpful if he or she is food or toy motivated, but the most important thing is that you both have a desire to learn and grow your relationship as a team!
  5. Do you offer a beginner’s class? Great question! The short answer is, sometimes! The long answer is that we offer Level 1 or Puppy classes infrequently. We are very lucky that our retention rate is high, and our students tend to follow us from the beginning of their agility careers to the highest level. Because of that, we struggle to find times where we can start a new batch of beginners! We can happily add you to our waiting list, but we are more likely to have openings in our higher level classes. If you need a recommendation for a place to undergo foundations classes, we can make a local or online recommendation for you if you email us directly.
  6. I want to sign up! How do I get started? Depending on the level of class you're looking for, we may have an opening for you at the beginning of the upcoming session. Send us an email with your dogs skill level (even if you're new to the sport, but see above for the note on beginners classes), and your daily availability (prefer evenings, daytime, etc.) We may be able to offer you a class, or a spot on our waiting list.
  7. My dog has some experience. What level class should we sign up for? Awesome! While we do have the class levels being offered listed here, it's best to contact us with a short write up describing your dog's knowledge and skills so we can find the best fit for you.
  8. What can you tell me about the turf/surface at your facility? Check out more information on the running surface here.
  9. How are your classes structured? We know that each and every dog is different, so we work hard to keep our classes small (no more than 7) to allow for maximized one-on-one attention with our trainers. There are some classes with days where there are one dog/student team is on the floor at a time, but there are other classes where drills and maximizing equipment time is paramount (this is especially true in beginner classes), and therefore multiple dogs are out on the floor at a time, waiting their turn. Dogs should be well-behaved and under their owner's control.
  10. I’m signed up for my first class! What should I bring? We recommend that you bring a collar, leash, and a crate that your dog is comfortable with to class. While a crate isnt required, it is helpful to have somewhere to let your dog hang out while we discuss a drill or walk a sequence. We also recommend that you bring lots of small treats that your dog loves! Great options include kibble, cheese, and hotdogs. Please bring a hungry dog as we will go through lots of treats. If your dog likes toys, bringing a toy to use in class is also suggested.
  11. When do classes start for this session? Check out our class calendar here.

Is your question not answered here? No problem! Shoot us an email at this address: contact [at] incredipaws [dot] com , removing spaces and inserting appropriate symbols.

General Inquiries via Email

For general inquiries, use this email address: Contact [at] incrediPAWS [dot] com (remove spaces and use appropriate symbols).

Physical Address & Directions to IncrediPAWS

Physical address (not a mailing address):
IncrediPAWS Dog Training
10465 Columbus Parkway
Pataskala, OH 43062

Directions from the west:
Take I-70 E towards Wheeling to exit 118 (OH 310/Pataskala.) Turn right onto OH 310 with an immediate right onto Columbus Parkway. Travel 0.3 miles & you will find IncrediPAWS located on your left.

Directions from the east:
Take I-70 W towards Columbus to exit 118 (OH 310/Pataskala.) Turn left onto OH 310 and travel 0.3 miles turning right onto Columbus Parkway. Travel 0.3 miles & you will find IncrediPAWS located on your left.